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Sports Activities

Sports Facilities

Quaid-e-Awam University provides excellent sports facilities to its students because it is believed that a healthy mind requires a healthy body. There is a common room annexed in each hostel which facilitate for indoor games like Table tennis, Carom and Chess. Additionally there is an ample space between two joint hostels where students can play tape tennis cricket, volley ball and outdoor badminton outdoor.

A sports complex is also located near the boys hostel where facilities for all the sports like Athletics, Gymnastics, Football, Volley ball, Basket ball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Table tennis, Fitness and Body building are available. A gymnasium exclusively for girls has newly been established which is located near the girls hostel where facilities for all the sports like Badminton, Table tennis, Basket ball, Hand ball, Volley ball, Throw ball, Cricket and Fitness are present.

The students as well as teachers take advantage to play games where trained coach gives training on daily basis. In addition to all of this, the University has newly established a multipurpose hall where all the sporting facilities are available for serious sportsmen who desire to represent the university in regional, national, international as well as HEC Sports events. The offices and faculty members are also play games in the evening time. Besides National, International events, there is conferences, seminars, exhibitions and musical events and pre-entry test are conducted in the Multipurpose hall. The University supplies the equipment and consumable to the extent that budget funds are available.

The qualified coaches give training and also Directorate of Sports issue sports material on daily basis to the keen sportsmen for playing games and return back the same after play.


Mr. Abdul Hameed Pirzada
Director Sports
Telephone # 0244-923003 0244-9379381-4 Ext. 2415.
Email: directorsportsquest@gmail.com


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