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Department of Data Science  
  Dr. Mehwish Leghari


BS (Data Science) program has been started under the umbrella of Faculty of Science in 2022. The program has been started by keeping in view the need of data scientists in today's rapidly developing era of Artificial Intelligence. Data Science provides the approach to process enormous, complex and diverse data that is called big data, into meaningful insights that facilitate in the process of organizational decision making. In current era of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence data is the backbone of all the organizations.

Experts of data science have opportunities in the various domains like healthcare, banking and finance, automation and transport industry, governments and almost every industry where business relies on big data. Data scientist is one of the top ranked careers nowadays and the importance of data has created the demand of data scientists in huge amount.

BS (Data Science) is a four-year (8 semesters) program. The goal of the program is to prepare students to explore data and retrieve insights from that data to improve business decisions. The courses offered in this program provide students with in-depth knowledge of the field of data science in general and the skills in its related fields like statistics, databases, computer programming, machine learning, data modeling and simulation in particular. The BS(DS) degree program prepares the students for the careers like data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, data architect, business analyst and data administrator.

The high qualified faculty and the state of the art laboratories of university provide an ideal learning environment to the students.

Vision of the BS(DS) Programme

To produce data scientists with competency and high quality analytical skills for the achievement of global socioeconomic goals

Mission of the BS(DS) Programme

To provide high quality data science education and produce excellent professionals who may contribute optimistically towards the society and efficiently to the achievement of global sustainable development

Program Educational Objectives BS(DS) Programme

1. To produce skilled computer professionals having strong theoretical knowledge and adequate practical skills in the field of computing and data science

2. To train the students with skills by using modern tools and techniques for design, development and analysis of the complex and diverse data into eloquent insights for intelligent decision making

3. To enhance the independent and team-work capacities in the students by refining communication and leadership skills

4. To provide better understanding of social and ethical values to the students for continuous learning and practice as a computer professional

Degree Programme:

Bachelor of Science (Data Science)

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