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Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Manganhar


Mission of department

To produce engineers with the capabilities of professionalism and leadership in the field of industrial and manufacturing sector who can cope with the challenges of industry, academia and society for sustainable development of global socio-economic environment.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

The Graduates after completing 3-4 years of study will be able;

PEO 1: To understand and analyse the engineering concepts related to industrial and manufacturing engineering

PEO 2: To apply managerial, technical and communication skills for solving the complex engineering problems as an individual and in team.

PEO 3: To impart professional and ethical values for sustainable socio- economic development of society, nationally and internationally.


It is time to pursue a particular line of study or focus on producing dedicated practitioners of engineering, or professionals for industrial growth who have ability to understand the problems of industrial sector and provide the solutions to complex engineering problems.

The department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering intends to provide engineers to industrial sector in general and especially in the field of manufacturing engineering well equipped with problem solving advanced tools and techniques.

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering offers full time BE program in the morning. To cope with the challenging requirement of the manufacturing industry, the plan designed is to deliver theoretical and laboratory work knowledge to the graduates in various subjects of Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Management and Interdisciplinary subjects relevant to the program.

The objective is to equip the graduates with both technical and management skills and connect them with local industry on various projects. Industry projects will help the students to polish their concepts and gain confidence by putting theoretical knowledge into practice.

The major subject area of the program are: Manufacturing Processes, Production Planning, Quality Engineering and Control, Production system Design, Operations Research, Entrepreneurship, Modeling and Simulation, Metrology and quality control, Human factor Engineering, Plant Engineering, Maintenance Engineering and Human Resources Management.

The Program is supported with 10 highly established laboratories, which are fully equipped with the latest equipments. The Jet Engine Test Bench, Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Computer Controlled Programmable CNC Lathe and Milling Machines, Advanced Welding Process, TIG, MIG & SPOT and a workshop are fully established for conducting practical and research. The Program is also supported with Mechanical Engineering Workshop which is not only used for conducting the experiments but also used for production of various articles, laboratory furniture for the University at relatively very low cost than the market.

Degree Program:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering)

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