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Department of Chemical Engineering  
  Dr. Rizwan Khan


In order to address the problem of acute shortage of chemical engineers in the country and to impart quality instructions in a research oriented atmosphere with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science &Technology, Nawabshah, was established in 2013.

The department has highly qualified and experienced faculty members to teach fundamental courses in friendly and congenial environment. Students will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories to learn and apply fundamental chemical engineering principles. The department laboratories will impart the practical knowledge in the field and will carry out the most recent research and development in the area of chemical engineering. Presently, department offers four year undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering.

The focus of undergraduate program is to teach students the basic skills of problem solving, critical analysis, participating in team work and resourcefulness particularly in areas of design, manufacturing, operations, management and maintenance of an industrial plant and a laboratory involving chemical and biochemical processes. It will also deal with bio-chemical, environmental and materials problems. In developing the program it has been ensured that our students are at par with students from other world class universities.

Facilities available in department

Computer Laboratories
Two computer labs fully equipped are available for students for this department. In these labs more than 50 latest PCs connected with internet and digital library are available to access latest literature and scientific findings. Efforts are being made to arrange more PCs with enhanced specification and video conferencing in this department for faculty members and students as well.

Seminar Library

The seminar library is established with all necessary books, research journals, articles, magazinesnewsletters etc are available for use of students and faculty members of the chemical engineering department.

Laboratories available in the Department
1. Thermodynamics Laboratory
2. Engineering Materials and Fluid Mechanics Laboratories
3. Environmental Engineering Laboratory


To produce professional graduates to cater the requirements of the market for the socio-economic development at national and international level.

The department of Chemical Engineering is dedicated to provide state of art education to the students. One of the main task of department is to train the young talent of country and provide skills through effective teaching, industrial training and research and innovation.
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