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Department of Mechanical Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Luhur


Mechanical Engineering involves the applications of physics for the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems and components. It requires basic understanding of several fields such as mechanics, thermodynamics and energy. Mechanical engineers are capable to apply engineering concepts for the efficient, economic and environment friendly design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft, heating & cooling systems, buildings and bridges, industrial equipment and machinery.

The department was established in year 1974 and graduates are working in major national and international organizations ranging from Pakistan Steel, PIA, Railways, WAPDA, PMTF, Heavy Mechanical Complex, OGDCL, SSGC, OMV, ENGRO, NRL and several other organizations. A good number of our graduates are also working in the Gulf countries.

The department of Mechanical Engineering offers a four-year (8 Semesters) bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. The syllabus contains a good number of practical oriented subjects which provide a broad spectrum of technical knowledge to the students using laboratory experiments and workshop practice in a learning conducive environment.

Due to advancement in robotics and automation in modern industries, the department has taken full account of industrial electronics and mechatronics courses in the syllabus. Besides, the department also offers various short courses not only on mechanical engineering softwares, i.e., AutoCAD, Pro-E, CNC, CAD/CAM, SOILDWORKS, QBlade, ANSYS Fluent and PLC but also on professional and personal career development.

The distinguishing feature of the department is the existence of 08 highly established laboratories, which are fully equipped with the latest equipment. In addition, the jet engine test bench, supersonic wind tunnel, computer numerical controlled (CNC) turning and milling machines, advanced welding process (TIG, MIG & SPOT) and a workshop are fully established for conducting practical and research work.

The Mechanical Engineering Workshop is not only used for conducting the experiments but also used to produce various articles, classes and laboratory furniture for the University at a relatively very low cost than the market.

In addition, the department also offers Master´s program by mix-mode (Course + Research) in Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management disciplines. The active research areas are wind engineering, robotics, advanced manufacturing systems, FEA, materials development and processing, quality management, alternative fuels, mechanical system design and vibration, heat transfer and nanofluids, and energy & environment. The faculty members have received their specialized training and higher degrees mostly from developed countries including the UK, Japan, Ireland, Thailand, Romania, Swede, China, France, Germany and Malaysia.

Degree Programs Offered by the Department:

1. Bachelors
a) B.E in Mechanical Engineering
b) BSc in Mechanical Engineering Technology

2. Masters
a) M.E in Manufacturing Engineering
b) M.E in Industrial Engineering & Management

3. Doctor of Philosophy
a) PhD in Mechanical Engineering


The mission of the department is to impart cutting edge knowledge to the students in the professional field with effective ethical communication skills to meet the challenges in the sustainable development of academia, industry and society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To produce the Mechanical Engineers capable to meet the requirements of market for socio-economic and sustainable development of Society.

PEO 2: To produce the Mechanical Engineers with expertise in professional field to acquire problem-solving abilities.

PEO 3: To produce the Mechanical Engineers with ethical values and effective communication skills to face the challenges of market and capable to work as an individual and in team.

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