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Department of Physics  
  Dr. Muhammad Afzal Soomro


The main goal of the physics department is to offer quality education to undergraduates and provide them with a holistic approach to the physical principles of the universe. Furthermore, it aims to enable them to think creatively and critically about scientific problems and experiments. This, in turn, can them develop quantitative reasoning skills and conduct training sessions for students' planning careers in physics. It includes those whose interests lie in college/university teaching, industrial jobs or other sectors of human society. Unprecedented developments in all the areas of science and technology are based on the understanding of the physical laws of nature. Physics plays a very important role in recent technological advancement in industry and other social sectors. This can lead to light the intrinsic motivation in exploring the hidden mysteries in nature and find their solutions

Keeping in view the importance of Physics, the QUEST is going to begin a Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Physics from batch 2021. The department offers a four-year (8 semesters) undergraduate program for the degree of BS (Physics). This program includes foundational courses such as Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves and Oscillations, Modern Physics, Optics, etc. The major courses included are Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics-I and II, Quantum Mechanics-I and II, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Solid State Physics-I and II, Nuclear Physics, Introduction to Relativity. In addition, the students will have access to laboratories where they can perform experiments as a compulsory part of their course structure. The laboratory work provides the climax experience to the core courses, gathering the knowledge acquired in different theoretical courses and bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge taught in textbooks problems and the experimental foundations of this knowledge

The Department of Physics aspires to establish a global center of excellence in Physics research and building a knowledge society

The mission of the B.S. program in Physics is to impart outstanding physics knowledge and prepare students for professional careers in Physics and pursuing advanced degrees in physics.

Program Educational Objectives
The main educational objectives of BS (4-year) degree program are:

-To impart students with a conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles of physics, natural laws and their interpretation as well as mathematical formulation of the physical phenomena in nature.
-To develop critical skills necessary for solving unknown problems from our physical surroundings.
-To enhance students' competence in the design and conduct of experiments and presentation of experimental data and results.
-To develop a grasp of the scientific method, i.e., understanding how observation, experiment and theory work together to achieve an understanding of the physical world
-To introduce to students the spirit of working in interactive groups with the necessities of scientific and professional ethics
-To equip students with the necessary skill set for pursuing careers in physics education, research and industry in government or private organizations.

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