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Department of Building and Architectural Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Auchar Zardari


Department ´s Introduction

For a long time, Architecture was considered as a distinct field than construction engineering. However, the fast pace technological development now demands for a cross-disciplinary graduates who can offer both architectural and construction engineering skills for construction industry. Establishment of the Department of Building and Architectural Engineering at QUEST is an answer to such demand. The department offers a 4-years Bachelor of Engineering (Building and Architectural Engineering) program. Despite being a newly built department, the Department of Building and Architectural Engineering hosts highly qualified faculty specializing in the fields of construction, geotechnical, environmental and project management. The department aims to produce graduates possessing knowledge of architecture and construction engineering. An engineer having multi-disciplinary knowledge of architectural design, building structures, building materials, construction methods, energy efficient buildings, building services (HVAC systems, electrical systems in buildings, lighting & illumination, fire safety and Plumbing etc.), integrated building design, green buildings, and construction management shall have abundant opportunities in local and international markets. An engineer having such multidisciplinary activities shall contribute more efficiently and effectively to the construction industry.

The Bachelors of Engineering (Building and Architectural Engineering) program shall be accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Therefore, in line with the PEC guidelines, the department has adopted Outcome Based Education (OBE) system. The OBE system in Building and Architectural Engineering program shall provide an effective interaction among teachers and students to discover the solution of various problems related to student´s difficulties and understanding in studies. The graduate attributes like knowledge, skills and attitude have been given more attention under this system. The adoption OBE system further provides opportunity to graduates for working in any organization of the world under Washington Accord, of which Pakistan has recently become a signatory member through PEC. In such a way, the OBE based education shall further strengthen the graduates to work in the construction industry globally.

Program Vision

"To produce competent professionals for building industry to meet emerging challenges of building sector with architectural and engineering knowledge of building systems and related research".

Program Mission

"To give quality education in building and architectural engineering with innovative & multi-disciplinary approach for sustainable solutions to meet the requirements of building industry and societal benefits."

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

1. The graduates of this program are expected to:

2. Propose acceptable, sustainable, and innovative solutions to building and architectural engineering problems.

3. Assume professional positions in architectural and building construction industry.

4. Pursue continuing education and professional development opportunities to function effectively as a member or leader of a technical team.

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