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Department of Electronic Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Ehsan Ali Buriro


In present era, electronic gadgets, devices & systems are so interwoven in socio-economic fabric of nation that it is difficult to survive without having adequate human resources trained in the field of Electronic Engineering. Today, even other disciplines of engineering are considered incomplete without the integration of relevant electronic systems and devices.

The wide spread applications of electronic systems and devices constitute the catalyst for socio-economic development. The modern high speed computers, automation and telecommunication systems have transformed our living patterns. It has not only extended human facilities but has resulted in cultural innovation. Thus it is the imperative need of time to direct our efforts, time and resources to impart latest knowledge, skills and practical training in the field of Electronic Engineering.

The department of Electronic Engineering offers a four-year (8-terms) Programme leading to degree of Bachelor of Electronic Engineering. This Department also offers M.E. in Communications & Industrial Automation & Control. These programmes have been designed, considering all the needs and aspects of the latest trends in the field of Electronic Engineering.

These Programmes include the teaching of courses adequately supplemented with the practical hands-on training in laboratories and use of other modern ways in imparting professional education that is useful for good engineers. Graduates of Electronic Engineering can find numerous placements in both public as well as private sector organizations and eligible to pursue higher studies & training as worldwide Universities/Industries.

Degree Programs

The department offers the following degree programmes:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering)
2. Master of Engineering
      a. Communication Engineering
      b. Industrial Automation and Control
3. Ph.D. (Various disciplines of Electronic Engineering)

Vision of the Department

To become an epicenter of excellence in electronic engineering education, research, and innovation, driving sustainable technological advancements for the betterment of society

Mission of the Department

To produce professionals by providing quality education and fostering innovation in electronic engineering to address the relevant industrial challenges of Pakistan and the world, while emphasizing ethical practices, sustainability, and social responsibility

Program Educational Objectives

ES_PEO_1_2023: Apply proficient engineering knowledge, analytical skills, and modern tools to effectively design and develop solutions for complex engineering problems.

ES_PEO_2_2023 Exhibit strong communication skills and team spirit to address the real challenges of society for improving the environment and sustainability.

ES_PEO_3_2023 Demonstrate a strong lifelong commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility while promoting and managing projects for sustainable solutions.

Mapping of PLOs with PEOs

Mapping of PLOs with PEOs

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