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Department of Computer Systems Engineering  
  Dr. Umair Ali Khan


Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing engineering disciplines which encompasses nearly every aspect of modern life. Being an integral part of our daily life, computer technology has an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals to keep up pace with its rampant growth and innovation.

Keeping in view the significance and impact of this field, the CSE department, as per its mission, strives to develop and maintain a high-quality, comprehensive, rigorous and accredited teaching program to prepare graduates of competence, conscience, and compassion to excel in the field of computing. In order to achieve this goal, we combine the theoretical foundations of computing with the practical engineering knowledge vital to industry, to provide a broad and integrated curriculum. Equipped with modern state-of-the-art laboratories, trained technical staff, and highly qualified faculty, the department of Computer Systems Engineering offers following degree programs:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering)
2. Master of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering)
3. Master of Engineering (Computer Communication & Networks)
4. Ph.D. (Computer Systems Engineering)

Vision Statement

To produce highly skilled computer engineers to meet the latest trends in the field of computing and to contribute effectively in the social, economic and technological progress of the country.

Mission Statement

To provide state-of-the-art education through contemporary techniques in the computing disciplines to produce outstanding professionals and better humans who could not only contribute effectively to the national progress, but can also promulgate and conceive computing knowledge.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To produce adept computer professionals who have profound knowledge and proficiency in computer engineering and modern technological tools to cater the needs of ethical, societal, economical and environmental aspects.

2. To enable our graduates to be employed as practicing engineers in the fields of analysis, design, synthesis, testing, manufacturing, operations and application-specific computing systems for solving real-world problems.

3. To develop and refine the communication, leadership and social skills among the students to prepare them for assuming responsible positions within an organization.

4. To invoke a sense of responsibility and critical thinking abilities among the students to build their ethical and professional character and enable them to a self-motivated pursuit of knowledge throughout their life.

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