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Department of Civil Engineering  
  Dr. Daddan Khan Bangwar
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Civil Engineering is the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and welfare of mankind. It applies the engineering practice to the planning, design, construction, management, operation and maintenance of such works as buildings, roads, bridges, railways, factories, airports, canals, docks, harbors, sea defense, river control, water supply, sewerage disposal etc.

Being the oldest and yet the most wide-ranging discipline, the department of Civil Engineering is one of the largest departments of the University. Apart from admissions under regular scheme, a substantial number of students is also admitted on Self-Finance basis.

The department provides Civil Engineering education, which is based on the requirements and needs of engineering industry where the graduates will work as Professional Civil Engineers. Theory classes in different subjects are supported by tutorials, audio-visual aids and laboratory work for which adequate facilities already exist. The faculty members having higher qualification such as Ph.D, M.Phil, M.E and Postgraduate training from the reputed universities of USA, UK, Malaysia, China, Hongkong, Sweden, Australia and other countries are engaged to impart quality education. In addition to undergraduate program, Department of Civil Engineering also offers three separate programs of masters in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering & Construction Engineering and Management in the evening. In these programs postgraduate students are being trained to face new challenges of the field. These programs comprise of three terms of course work (24 CH) followed by 8 credit hours research work as compulsory requirement to the award of the degree.

No matter what engineering discipline is; there is always need of the research to meet the new challenges of the field. Thus the prominent feature of Civil Engineering Department is conduct of research in Structural Engineering and others areas of Civil Engineering. Several local as well as foreign students have benefitted from the research facilities and expertise and have earned the degrees of Ph.D, M.Phil, and M.E. The experimental studies carried out in Laboratories of the department have been published in the journals of international repute and presented in International and National Conferences.

The department offers following degree programme:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
2. Master of Engineering
      (a) Civil Engineering
      (b) Structural Engineering
      (c) Construction Engineering & Management
3. M.Phil (Various disciplines of Civil Engineering)
4. Ph.D. (Various disciplines of Civil Engineering)

To turn out to be department of excellence that encourages Civil Engineers with state-of-the-art technical capabilities and promotes very high-quality research to encounter the challenges in Civil Engineering field.

To offer Degree programmes in Civil Engineering and other skill development courses which are based on the requirements and needs of engineering industry. To promote high quality education, research and technical skills, to provide state-of-the-art foundation to address paramount issues in a congenial learning environment and to train the students for moral and ethical values such as caring, sharing, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect for self and others.



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