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Department of English (Language and Literature)  
  Prof. Dr. Insaf Ali Siming


The Department of English has been established in the view of the contemporary global trends in English language and literature. The department has a vibrant, adept, highly foreign qualified and enthusiastically motivated faculty with the significant number of PhDs. Motivating principles of establishing the department includes meeting the language requirements of English in Pakistan and incorporation of growing trends of English language and literature in academia and professional spheres of life. In addition to this, a guiding principle is to facilitate innovation through social, cultural, political and economic processes for the personal growth so that the ability to master the art of innovation and creativity through literary learning, and high moral character building of students may further guide them towards attaining distinction. Our department first time offers distinguished BS program in English Language and Literature in line with HEC NSRC-2017-18. The study programme has been designed with harmonized approach between Language and Literature. This blend of integrated areas provides students with an in depth understanding of curricular and creative tasks driven through language learning. This goes with learner-based and hands-on activities carried out during the extensive four year period of the study programme. Understanding the research needs for future, students are required to submit research dissertation as a pre-requisite for earning the degree. Besides this, the department also offers a range of learners need based short courses to develop, excel and maintain the most effective and updated skills to the undergraduate and graduate students of other departments of the university including Engineering, Science and Technology. For this purpose, the department has dedicated and well equipped audio-visual resources and labs capable of accommodating significant number of students simultaneously. Apart from offering regular degree program. The department has actively engaged to host the talks of prominent national and international scholars of English Language and Literature to provide the exposure of growing trends of language teaching across the world. One of such programs was hosted by the department in the month of March 2019 in which international speaker and prominent linguist Associate Professor Dr. Elizabeth M. Anthony from Department of Languages and linguistics, Center for Language Studies, UTHM, Malaysia engaged the students with her valuable guidance and extensive experience. The Department of English envisages enhancing the students´ literary sensibilities, academic integrity and professional uplifting of values essential for lifelong learning.

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