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Department of Automation and Control Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Erum Pathan
Incharge Chairperson


In the most general sense, control and automation engineering endeavor the problem which compels a system to the desired situation via appropriate software and hardware. Several problems that occur because of rapid increase in production with the rapidly developing technology after the industrial revolution impel people to seek new ways from which more can be obtained. The utilization of the information resulting from the research in industry and other production systems has led to emerge a new branch of engineering, " Control and Automation Engineering ". Control and Automation engineering is a branch of engineering which develops and implements information and technology providing electrical, electronic, mechanical, and computer-based all industrial systems to work intended and planned manner. Control Engineering Program provides training and conducts research in the subjects "automatic control theory and its applications, industrial automation, measurement and instrumentation, robotics, design and implementation of computer-based industrial information systems".

the department offers a four-year (8 Semesters) program leading to degree of Bachelor of Automation and Control Engineering. It provides formal education in Automation and Control Engineering through teaching, experimental work and industrial attachment to prepare students for careers as educators, engineers as well as scientists. The graduates can be hired for technical and supervisory positions in private, public sector, industries of the country as well as abroad.

To provide a learning environment for quality education in the field of automatic and control to fulfill the requirement of national industrial needs

To produce skilled and professionally sound leaders in automation and control engineers, capable of addressing emerging issues for economic prosperity and development in the local and international industries in the society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
1. Graduates would be proficient automated and control engineers in an industrial environment to meet the technological and economical challenges of local and international industry.

2. Graduates would reflect professional attitude, moral and ethical values, along with leadership skills.

3. Graduates would be able to support global community to produce sustainable industries for economic and social developments.

Degree Programme:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Control Engineering)

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