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Department of Software Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Pardeep Kumar


The main objective of the Software Engineering Department is to offer state of the art education to undergraduates so that they can define, design, develop, debug and deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective software systems. Software engineers often work as part of a team working for computer systems design firms, software publishers, or for computer or electronic product manufacturers. Because of the wide variety of software applications, numerous opportunities can be pursued by software engineers. Today, the software industry makes software products to be used by most, if not all, fields, such as in e-commerce, banking, retailing, education, social networks, the defense and gaming industries, etc. Because of this, software engineers are in high demand both in government agencies and private sectors

Keeping in view the significance and impact of this field, QUEST has planned to start the Software Engineering program from the batch 2020. A Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree shall be awarded to the graduating students after completion of 4 years (8 semesters) study. Currently, we are in a process of designing a high-quality, comprehensive, rigorous and accredited (through Pakistan Engineering Council) teaching program to prepare graduates of competence, conscience, and compassion to excel in the field of software engineering and computing. In order to achieve this goal, theoretical foundations shall be combined with the practical engineering knowledge, which is vital to industry and job market and modern state-of-the-art laboratories, highly qualified faculty, well-trained technical staff, and conducive environment shall be provided:


To produce highly skilled Software Engineers who could play a leading role in the country’s socioeconomic and technological transformation


Graduates of the program with skills in designing and developing software, understanding and applying software development processes and methodologies and leveraging software development tools throughout the development life cycle shall be well positioned for successful careers

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To impart fundamental knowledge of engineering, science and mathematics in the field of software engineering

2. To produce graduates with sound technical, professional and ethical background capable of working for the development of society

3. To acquaint the graduates with management and leadership skills to work independently and/or in team

4. To train the graduates for lifelong learning

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