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I am Ali Raza Malik From I.T department of QUEST. I am handling this website if you face any problem about website or social media service so you can contact with us about it.And it’s no surprise that social is a staple of customer care today. Say goodbye to the era of phone queues or endless email chains. Immediate and accessible, social media provides a much-needed direct line between user and organiation. Heck, you’re probably already working with customers via social or have reached out to a company yourself. This speaks to just how important it is to have a social customer strategy as more people flock to networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with questions and concerns. In this guide, we’ll highlight how brands can create a seamless social media support strategy. “Social user service” and “social user care” are often used interchangeably. They aren’t the same, though The user experience plays an important role in the longevity of any business.

In short, social user care is differentiated from service in that it starts before a user reaches out to you about a internship or service. This means you not only respond to complaints but you also reward compliments.