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   English Language Centre

English is recognized as the international language of science and engineering. As technology advances globally, engineers must enter the workplace with the ability to communicate across national and cultural boundaries. English is the vehicle for professionals’ advancing technology today.  Improving the ability to speak, read and write in English can affect research, collaboration, instruction and ultimately one’s success.

To address this need, English Language Centre was created as the part of the Department of Basic Science and Related Studies which is located at the 1st floor of the old Central Library Building. The purpose of creating ELC was to improve the English proficiency of students, employees and the faculty members of the university. So far ELC has served its purpose by enhancing the capabilities and English Language proficiency of students of various Departments of the University through its offered courses i.e. functional English and Communication skills.


The ELC has a well-trained faculty who are always busy in motivating students to improve their interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills in English for their academic needs and future needs of English in their world of work.The most senior faculty member of this centre Prof. Dr Inayatullah Kakepoto has been promoted as the Professor in the Department of BS&RS and taken the charge of the Chairman of the Department.

English Language Centre is equipped with Audio and Video Laboratories. The Audio lab facility helps in improving the listening and negotiating skills of students. The audio Lab has the seating arrangement for 32 students and is equipped with separate head phones and tape recorder for each seat. Thus,it provides a congenial learning environment to our students for effective listening, discussion and interaction. The students are given topics and feedback is monitored with their class participation and presentation performance.


Whereas, the Video Laboratory has seating arrangement of 30 students. It aims at developing their interactive, conversational and presentation skills of our students. The main focus is on improving Communication Skills i.e. listening, reading, speaking and writing skills of our engineering, science and technology students. We have upgraded our video Laboratory with Multimedia system and the old VCRs have been replaced with modern and latest DVD Players. The process of transforming the cassette lectures to DVD/CDs is underway. Recently, a modern LED screen has also replaced the old TV, used for visuals so that our students can get the latest information and knowledge about the highly needed subjects of Functional English and Communication Skills in the new session.


With the passage of time the class sizes in the university has increased; as result, a need is felt to increase the size of the ELC laboratories also to accommodate at least a full class strength of students. In this regard, on short term basis our plan is to redesign the available seating arrangement to increase its seating number.


Furthermore, with the increasing demand of English and Communication Skills in the country a need is felt to upgrade this centre to a level of an independent institution/directorate to offer various degree programs in English language Teaching and Learning and Human Communication at the level of undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD. For which the paper work is underway and hopefully in a year or so it will be materialized with letter and spirit.


Besides, the two courses in English this centre teaches in all the disciplines of the university. It also offers tailor-made English language courses for meeting the increasing demand of the English and enhancing the communication skills of our undergraduate students. In addition to this, the ELC in collaboration with the Directorate of continuing Education organizes short and long term trainings and tutorials for the professional engineers as per the requirements of the Pakistan Engineering Council for the registration of engineers.


It is notable to add that, the English Language Centre has established its own “Seminar Library” with good stock of latest books on communication skill and English studies along with CDs. The related books, Audio & Video cassettes and CDs are available for the ready reference of our students and faculty members.


For past two years English Language Centre has played a paramount role in mobilizing our students through various social awareness campaigns and co- curricular activities. In this regard, national level declamation contests have been arranged in collaboration with Directorate of Students Affairs. Other than that, social and motivational events have been organized such as 1st Youth and leadership conference, two day residential event titled Change in Inertia QUEST for NEWTON, and QUEST Modal United Nation (QUESTMUN 2015) are a few out of many to mention. This move has at large provided a ground to our students to expose their hidden potential and improve their confidence level to meet the challenges of future workplace life ahead.


Furthermore, this Centre of the University is first of its kind in the interior of Sindh which caters the needs of the students for foreign Language Learning. The centre is being supervised by the Incharge of English Language Centre. The present Incharge of English Language Centre is:


Mr. Ghulam Saqib Buriro
Assistant Professor (ENGLISH)
M.Phil NZ, MA(English) NUML Islamabad,
Telephone # 092-0244-9370381-5 Ext: 2302




Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Inayatullah Kakepoto
Email:  kinayat@quest.edu.pk
Phone:  0244-9370381-85      Ext.  2224

Master of Arts (English): Shah Abdul Latif University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Channa
Assistant Professor
Email:  mansoor.english@yahoo.com
Phone:  0244-9370381-85      Ext.  2305

Ph.D. (UNIMAS) Malaysia

M.Phil (Applied Linguistics) Mahidol University, Thailand.

M.A English (Literature) from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Pakistan

Dr. Insaf Ali Simming
Assistant Professor
Phone:  0244-9370381-85      Ext.  2305

M.A (English) SALU

Mr. Mansoor Ali Koondhar
Lecturer (on study leave)
Email:  rashidalimahesar@hotmail.com
Phone:  0244-9370381-85      Ext.  2325

M.A (English) University of Sindh

PGD-LIS University of Sindh

Mr. Muhammad Arif Soomro
Assistant Professor
Email:  muhammadarif@quest.edu.pk
Phone:  0244-9370381-85      Ext.  2611

M.A English, SALU, Khairpur

M.A English Language Teaching, NUML, Islamabad



Quaid-e-Awam University
Sakrand Road, Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan
Ph#: 0244-9370381-5

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