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Department of Electrical Engineering  
  Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Saand


Electrical engineers are changing the world. You can witness our impact everywhere, from enormous electrical power grids that span continents to nanomachines embedded in living cells. The information and technology revolution has been built-in large parton the advances of our field. Electrical engineering stands at a time of extraordinary opportunity, as we rise to meet the changing information, communication, transportation, energy, medical and environmental needs of society.


The mission of the Electrical Engineering Department at QUEST is to produce graduates who are capable of taking a leadership position in the broad aspects of electrical engineering. Our graduates,

• Understand the basic principles that underline the modern electrical power engineering;

• Are able to apply creatively their understanding of science and engineering principles to the solution of problems arising in whatever career path they choose;

• Are sensitive to the environmental, social, safety and economic context in which their work is done, and possess a strong commitment to ethical practice within that context;

• Are able to communicate their ideas and positions clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing;

• Are aware of the requirement for and possess the ability to engage in lifelong learning which will be necessary for continuing high performance in whatever career path they choose.

Academic Program & Faculty

Undergraduate students in the department take a common core subjects that serve as their introduction to electrical engineering and power. The students are offered a set of header subjects that build on the foundations, and lay further foundation for exploration in a selected set of intellectual themes. Laboratory subjects, independent projects, and research opportunities provide engagement with principles and techniques of analysis, design, and experimentation in a variety of fields. The department has multiple well equipped, state of the art laboratories like High Voltage Engineering, Power, Machines, & Circuits. The department also offers a range of programs that enable students to gain experience in industrial settings, ranging from collaborative industrial projects done on campus to term-long experiences at partner companies.

The faculty of Electrical Engineering department at QUEST comprises of highly qualified teachers who have the PhD's and post graduation degrees from UK, China and some local but very prestigious institutions.

The department offers the following degree programme.

1. Bachelor of Engineering
2. Master of Engineering
3. M.Phil
4. Ph.D.


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