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Department of Energy & Environment Engineering  
  Dr. Asif Ali Memon


This department is offering four (04)-years Bachelor's degree course known as B.E. (EE) (Energy and Environment). Recently M.E & Ph.D Programme in Energy & Environment has also been launched in this department. This is a new, important and rapidly growing field of sustainability. Solving global energy problems is a great challenge to human society. As Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Wind, Biomass and Solar are the major sources of energy, it is therefore important for society to implement and improve energy efficiency and to reduce environmental pollution.

Therefore, the emphasis has been given to cover the following important areas in the syllabus of this course:

• Exploration/ Exploitation and processing of various energy resources (both conventional as well as renewable)
• Generation of power by using energy resources
• Environmental impacts of energy production and utilization
• Solution/ Mitigation measures for reducing environmental pollution
• Conservation of natural energy resources
• Conservation of Biodiversity & Ecosystems
• Framing energy policy and management

Public concern about processes, which affect the environment, will continue to influence almost all industrial operations over the next decade and beyond. Waste disposal, energy production and the minimization of pollution are the key problems to be addressed for the sustainable cities of the future. In world of finite resources and witnessing a population explosion, much effort is being made to change the way in which developed societies consume energy and materials and dispose-off waste.

This course is designed to provide broader technical knowledge through theory classes supported by tutorials, laboratory experiments and field visits. In this department a "Energy-Park"is also established to exhibit various equipment and appliances used for power generation from various renewable energy resources and to measure their environment impacts. Zero Energy house is the new addition in this energy park, in which the energy used will be only from solar and wind sources. This facility is under an MOU in between QUEST and UNIMAS, Malaysia. This department is trying hard to produce its product (Future Engineers) in the above mentioned discipline i.e., Energy and Environment, with all essential knowledge to cope-up with the problems of energy shortage and to minimize energy related environmental pollution.

The engineers graduating from this new discipline are being employed by Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Gas companies, Oil Refineries, Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC), Pakistan Railways, Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC), Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POFs), Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), and all other agencies working in Energy and Environment sectors of country as well as abroad. Faculty members having postgraduate qualifications from developed countries, such as UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Malaysia, France, Thailand, are imparting this knowledge to students of this department. Some faculty members are on study leave pursuing their higher studies abroad. More staff is in the process of being recruited from the industries having practical/field knowledge. Six batches of graduate engineers have already passed out and most of them are employed in various organizations.

Facilities Available in the Department

1. Computer Laboratories Two computer labs fully equipped are available for students of this department. In these labs more than 50 latest PCs connected with Internet and Digital Library to access latest literature and scientific findings. Efforts are being made to arrange more PCs with enhanced specification and video conferencing in this department for faculty members and students as well.

2. Seminar Library The seminar library with all necessary books, journals, research articles, newsletters, etc is also available for use of students and faculty members of this dept.

Laboratories Available in the Department

1. Energy Laboratory This lab is equipped with latest equipments in order to provide practical knowledge of all energy generation processing units to students. In this lab Hydel power plant, Wind energy power plant, Photovoltaic cells, Solar power plant and other demonstrating units are available for the students.

2. Environment Laboratory The Environmental Engineering lab is also available in the department. In this lab environmental pollution measuring equipment relating to air, noise & water such as BOD, COD, DO, Turbidity, Spectrophotometer, Conductivity / TDS meters, Particulate matter, Gas Analyzer, Weather Station are available. Water quality testing equipment are also available in this lab. This lab will provide practical knowledge about the environmental pollution to the students.

3. Engineering Materials & Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. This lab is available to provide practical knowledge regarding Engineering Materials & Fluid Mechanics to the students. Many equipment such as Universal Testing Machines (UTMs) for testing all kinds of material (Metals & Non Metals) including rubber are also available in this lab. Other equipments related to fluid mechanics are also available to provide practical knowledge to students.

4. Thermodynamic Laboratory. In this laboratory numerous practical are being conducted of different subjects such as, Thermodynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer, Power Plant and Fuel & Combustions. Various important equipment such as Internal Combustion Engines (Diesel & Petrol), miniature Steam Power Plant, Vapor jet Refrigeration Unit, Heat Transfer Unit (Conduction, Radiation, Convection) Flue gas analyzer, Fuel combustion unit, Impulse turbine and Cross flow heat exchanger etc, are available in this laboratory.

In addition to above facilities, some more facilities are under consideration. They will be launched as the on going extension of the building is completed.

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