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EEERG Objectives

The current interests of the Group are wide range, series of Energy and Environmental issues, Solutions including Policies and managements; the Group has broad facilities for laboratory and financial support.

If you are interested in engaging yourself in collaborative research, or joining the group as a student or visitor, you may contact to any member of the group.


Consultancy services provided by
Dr. Habibullah U. Abbasi

Remote sensing and GIS Consultancy & RS/GIS Data available

Consultancy services provided by
Dr. Asif Ali Memon

Wind mapping & wind farm design; Wind turbine blades design;Solar power stations (photo voltaic technology)

Consultancy services provided by
Dr. Abdul Nasir Laghari

Hydrological modeling, climate modeling and water energy resource management




Energy & Environment Engineering Research Group has four multi-disciplinary l research laboratories, in Energy & Environment Engineering, Department QUEST. The planned laboratories are fully equipped as instruments, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, and "super tech" room with video, communication are also available.

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Thermodynamics Laboratory detail..
Energy Laboratory detail..
Computer & RS &GIS Laboratory detail..
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